Do you want to grow your business? 
Your bank not prepared to help? 

NFS is a Financial Management Consultancy Owned & Operated by Nigel Nicoll, an Experienced Chartered Accountant & Financial Planner 

We recognise that in the majority of cases, business growth comes after the investment of both time and resource, which often needs to be financed. For several years the clearing banks have not been eager to lend to SME’s (50% of all applications are turned down flat, many of the rest are cut back), but there are many alternative sources of funding available. We can help you access these sources, and also help you decide if they are right for your business – at all times you are in control of the process. 
Due to Nigel’s extensive financial management background, working with companies ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals, NFS can also help you with the financial management of your company – we are experienced in the production of high quality business plans (often required by lenders), interim & part-time financial management, and also consultancy projects. 
Although based in North Wales, we operate throughout the UK. 

 Why Work with NFS? 

Nigel has some 20 years of experience in the raising of business finance, and over 40 years in financial management both in the UK and abroad. When you work with NFS you do not meet the principal on the first visit, and then find it is actually a junior member of staff who is working with you – NFS is a one man band, so you will always be working with the principal. 
In the area of finance raising you will receive an objective opinion on the chance of success following the initial meeting, which is free. If you decide to proceed, NFS votes with you in this area – no up-front fees are charged, success fees only based on a percentage of funds offered by the lender or investor. Financial management activities are of course charged on a normal professional basis. 
NFS can access an extensive range of both loan finance and investment finance (equity), this latter normally being received from business angels and/or crowd funders. We can also assist you in deciding on the most appropriate financing for your business. 
Nigel is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, thus guaranteeing a principled and ethical approach to business. View his CV here. 

Next Step  

Please contact NFS by filling out the contact form. You can then leave your contact details for a call back. NFS is a data controller as defined by the Data Protection Act, and your contact details will remain secure. 
NFS subscribes to the code of conduct of: 
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland 
The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers 
The Association of Bridging Professionals 
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